50+ New Mehndi Designs Simple and Easy 2019

Mehndi design is invigorating body art which is equipped by the ladies for the special occasions of life. That event can be eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-adha, Indian and Pakistani marriages while Hindus also decorate their bodies with mehndi designs at different celebrations like Bhai Dooj, Teej, karva Chauth, and Diwali.New Mehndi dezaine Collections in our blog.

Actually, mehndi also spelled as” mehendi” and in the Urdu language, it is called as Henna (حِنَّاء). The mehendi is originated originally from the plant named as Lawsonia inermis, whose leaves are dried and then crushed in the powder form. Henna leaves powder is like a pigment having a special color and adoring fragrance, this powder is converted into past after mixing it with water.

Pakistani, Arabic and Indian bridals are incomplete without wearing wedding mehndi patterns on their feet, arms and on their beautiful hands. Henna designs are different from region to region as there is a massive difference between structures and drawing of henna design. Every tradition has their custom art for the different dealings as it symbolizes the happiness and spiritual satisfaction in hearts.

Here we are going to show you the simple easy and attractive DIY mehndi designs of different patterns

Elegant Mehndi Designs for hand for Bridal

Mehendi has the ability to beautify the hands only if has done with care and professionalism. On the wedding day, bridals go to parlors to makeup (sola singhar), roll their hairs, fix the eyelashes, match the skin and God knows whatever else. But the mehndi art is inevitable for them as it creates the affection and attraction which is unmatchable with the glittering of bangles.

Most of wedding mehndi designs are carved on the hands on both sides that’s why these designs are very intricate which needs neat and clean drawing and of course the patience. Floral Mehndi design is more recommended for bridals but other designs are also very suggestive like unique paisley styled mehendi art. Bridals carry darkly shaded and delicate designs on the feet and arms.

Simple and easy Mehndi design for Eid

Well, Eid is very sensational and joyful day for Muslims. Muslims celebrates two eid’s in the year, one is called Eid-ul-fitr and second is called Eid-ul- Adha. Females plan their chand raat for different types of shopping but the having a unique mehndi design on their hands is their upmost preference.

There is vast availability in the mehendi designs for eid, that’s why women invest their time in selecting the right one that will suit on them. Mehndi designer charges them on the base of the design.

It takes time and enormous patience to be still and keeping hands and arms in ease position to Aiden the mehandi designer to show his creativity in the best possible way.

Unique and Attractive Mehndi design for Men

Yes, men also wear mehndi on their body. It is sound like a ridiculous but it is true that henna designs for men are available and the trend is increasing day by day. The thirst to be different is rising in unique ways, people feel don’t any hesitation while adopting unique fashions. Grooms and dulha tend to have a slightly touch of mehndi art on hands. Mostly grooms liked the bracelet mehndi design and the name of their becoming wife on their palm.

Traditional henna powder is natural product gained from a plant but the there is a craze to do something different and beautiful so people have developed that technical products that used with basic mehendi past and different colors corporate along the designs of mehndi that make that body part more glittery and elegant.

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