Kim Klacik: Meet The Incredible Black Conservative That Will Replace Elijah Cummings

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In October 2019, Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away after a long-standing battle with numerous health complications. In the aftermath of his death, his seat is now up for grabs in a Maryland special election.

That is the place the delightful, pro Trump Kimberly Klacik comes in.

The dark preservationist is as of now making progress in her battle against radical progressives, having considered herself the “counter crew” on the very first moment. She’s been going ideal for the jugular of first year recruit Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley since the beginning of her crusade.

She’s no fanatic of the prevailing press, either. Months before Cummings died, she started uncovering the rodent pervaded city of Baltimore, requesting responsibility and activity. President Donald Trump bounced installed, handing-off assaults onto Cummings and the neighborhood government for their debasement.

CNN Contributor April Ryan suggested that Cummings really passed on over the assaults on his city, asserting it was “all in view of her.”

“This is the lady who made all the discussion that made @realDonaldTrump follow @RepCummings and Baltimore. Cummings never got over the assault on him and the city. It is all a direct result of [Klacik],” tweeted Ryan.

Leave it to the media to assault a lady who was advancing truth upheld by long stretches of video proof and obvious haggardness.

Proceeding onward, Klacik’s approach is at least somewhat preservationist, supporting school decision and giving 100% expense kudos for self-teach families to being genius Second Amendment to competing for private division answers for human services.

Also, she’s an entrepreneur completely, having begun a non-benefit in 2013 — called Potential Me — which enables the burdened ladies of Baltimore to look for and secure work by changing their style. Investigate these when pictures, giving her association’s unbelievable work:

With the special election coming up on June 2nd, she’s looking to steal a win for Republicans for the first time in decades — and she can do it. With special elections primarily decided by voter count, Klacik is looking to amass a small army to show up to vote in the heavy Democrat district.

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