Rob Reiner “There is no question. Trump’s mental illness is killing people”

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Anti-Trump filmmaker Rob Reiner set Twitter on fire with another one of his provocative tweets.

This time Reiner wrote:

Thursday, Reiner tweeted:

The President of the United States is a lying piece of Garbage.

Wednesday, Reiner tweeted:

Monday, Reiner tweeted:

What’s more, before that, Reiner tweeted:

He’s lost Piers Morgan. Exhaust’s vanishing. Laura Ingraham isn’t idiotic. She could go. What’s more, since McConnell is ballsless, if Hannity would simply begin feeling somewhat remorseful about being an associate to his infection, he’ll be proceeded to live will be spared.

Donald Trump is stirring the displeasure of dissidents. Urging them to resist their Governors. The Stable Genius is making some hard memories wrapping his steady virtuoso psyche around the idea of the trouble of returning to work in case you’re dead.

Mr. Rob you should not use such words against POTUS. Your words are clear depiction of jealousy and ignorance.

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